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Hot Mess In A Wedding Dress

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

What the heck is this all about?

Corey, Bella, and Hannah work on the vows for the big day

Welcome to our feature film, "Hot Mess In A Wedding Dress." In September 2018, we shot this RomCom in 8.5 days set in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florda. By hiring local cast and crew, we were able to show what this area can do with film.

Plot Summary

Bella is not your typical bride. As suggested by her mother, she decides to wear her wedding dress to truly connect to it. After red wine spills all over it, she must decide if she wants to clean it, replace it, or add to the madness. Throughout her journey to be a wife, Bella truly becomes a hot mess in a wedding dress.

Bella and Victor

Bella and Victor are a modern couple: they live together, have a mutual partnership both in and out of the home, and are crazy about each other. After Victor pops the questions in a botanical garden, Bella realizes she is about to go from girlfriend to wife. When we begin the film, we are seeing the couple as Victor gets ready to leave to give Bella some space.

Here Come The Bridesmaids

“You guys want to do shots?"

On Thursday night before the wedding, Bella's best friends and bridesmaids come over. With Bella in her wedding dress, the girls decide to don their pink bridesmaid dresses and get all gussy. Mimosas, vape pens, and red wine later, the first spill occurs. Bella spills red wine all over her beautiful, perfect white wedding dress. This begins Act 2A and the craziness of the situation unfolds.

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